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Since the purpose of compiling a heritage scrapbook is to preserve family memories, it is important to start with supplies that will protect your precious photographs and memorabilia.Basic scrapbooking begins with just four items - an album, adhesive, scissors, and a journaling pen.This creates a decorative "frame" around the photo.Different combinations of decorative-edged scissors and straight scissors can help provide interest and help your photos "pop" from the pages.As you work, use a photo-safe pen or pencil to write details of each photo on the back, including the people's names, the event, the location and the date the photo was taken.Then, once your photos are organized, store them in a dark, cool, dry location, keeping in mind that it's best to store photos standing upright.These photos don't necessarily need to have people in them - pictures of old houses, automobiles, and towns are great for adding historical interest to a family history scrapbook.Remember, in your quest, that pictures from slides and reel-to-reel 8mm films can be made at a relatively low cost through your local photo store.

Begin your heritage scrapbook project by gathering together as many photographs as possible, from boxes, attics, old albums, and relatives.Larger heirlooms such as a pocket watch, wedding dress, or family quilt can also be included by photocopying or scanning them, and using the copies in your heritage album.As you begin to accumulate photos and materials, work to organize and protect them by sorting them in archival safe photo files and boxes.Alternatively, use photo corners or a corner slot punch.Personalize your page by writing down names, date, and place of event, as well as memories or quotes from some of the people involved.

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