Funtimedating ru

Getting the guy Sometimes the man you approach doesn’t reciprocate your interest.

Some follow this rule due to tradition and culture, others because of past experience, and still others due to hearing it was a cardinal rule of dating. If I’m seriously interested in a guy, I will initiate contact with him.But please know that I’m not trying to insult your intelligence by insinuating that you might not be “grown up” or mature enough, for marriage.I just want you to pause and consider if you are truly ready to marry this person or at this point in your life. It’s just a reality check that’s important to consider.You can have a hilariously good time with chimpanzee, but that doesn’t mean you should marry one!The trouble with this type of relationship is that when problems develop and frustrations set in, it takes more than having fun together to deal with it. This is something that trips up more couples and sabotages their relationships than you may realize.

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