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In that system, the former is the uppercase counterpart of ɪ and the latter is the counterpart of 'i'.

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It’s going to be on the Sci-Fi Channel, so it’s a whole different genre …

and just the action and intensity of the character is different.

It’s so great that it’s you playing this role, because not only do I love her, but I also admire you and think you’re great, so I’m excited to see you play this role. How was it working with the other actors and actresses in this biopic? Everyone came in with the same mentality: we all were there for Bobbi Kris.

So be aware, and take care of them like you would want someone to take care of you.

The dot over the lowercase 'i' is sometimes called a tittle.

In the Turkish alphabet, dotted and dotless I are considered separate letters, representing a front and back vowel, respectively, and both have uppercase ('I', 'İ') and lowercase ('ı', 'i') forms.

Her beauty, her voice, her majestic persona, her magnetic personality, all of that stuff made us feel like we owned her and we put her in this thing that she couldn’t get out of.

Once you’re on that big of a pedestal, a lot of life passes you by because you’re living to other people’s standards.

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