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Mind, none of this was the result of any sort of formal instruction; my yeshiva had been the neighborhood.

I learned these things, absorbed them actually says it better, by association and role modeling, by pursuing curious inquiry, and by what educators called "incidental learning" in the crucible that was pre-World War II Williamsburg.

In those days, men wore mostly black and Navy blue. My misperception of Shabbos didn't last long, however, as the area's dominant culture soon became apparent; Gentiles were the minority.One harsh winter night I was rewarded for my Shabbos ministrations with a loaf of warm challah (we pronounced it "holly") and I knew I was witnessing genius!Who else could have invented a bread that had wonderfully crusted ends all over it -- enough for everyone in a large family?Furnaces, in particular, demanded frequent tending during Brooklyn's many freezing winters.I shudder remembering brutally cold winds blowing off the East River.

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