Updating a ceiling fan partnerbörse kostenlos Hamm

I tried to think of what else we could do and then I spotted this speckled globe and decided it would be really cute with our sparkling fan!

We changed out the globe and this is what our finished project looked like!

We have been in the remodeling mode in our home for the entire time we have owned it, almost eight years!

It is amazing to think about how fast the time has flown but the remodeling process, well that is another (series) of blog posts!

Even the cheaper light kits were and they were not cute.So Bryan pulled took off the globe and then unscrewed the fan blades for me.Can I tell you I was in total shock at the amount of dust that had collected on the top of the blades!) I can tell I have a little burst of energy and am starting to enter my nesting period because I have a list of 100 things I want completed before the new baby comes home towards the end of the summer.GE lighting challenged me to repurpose or reuse something when it came to lighting and of course I was up for the challenge!

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